Monday, March 7, 2011

Cousin Mason turns 10!!

Wow, another nephew is in double digits!!!  Mason is the middle of three boys and it's hard to believe he is now 10.  Where does the time go???  I can really relate to that statement now that I have kids of my own.  It is amazing how fast time flies and how our time here is really so limited.  I'm doing my best to just embrace each moment with my boys and our family.  The next thing I know my guys will be turning 10 and I will be wondering how it all happened.  We have decided to make some changes in our lives so we can slow down a bit and enjoy each day we have to hold and cuddle with our precious angels. 
Mason's birthday party was at the Burleson rec. center at their indoor pool.  I was worried about L&C not wanting to swim since we haven't been around water since last summer.  Once again they proved me wrong.   They went straight in and had a blast the whole time.  Cater was going up the bigger slide (in the kiddie area) all by himself.  Luke stuck to the smaller slide and jumping off the side (which was just a few inches tall).  Their cousins would come by to play with them for a bit, then they were off again to the bigger slides and pools again.  Everyone was having a blast until Carter decided he needed to use #2 in his swim diaper which broke open on the side and released all his hard work right into the pool.  The lifeguards closed the pool down to clean the pooie mess and to add more chemicals to the pools.  We decided it was time to leave, half of embarrassment and half it was just time to go. Later that evening this is what was posted on their Fb page:
City of Burleson, Texas

Due to a sanitation issue with the indoor pool at the BRiCk, the pool will be closed until 1 p.m on Sunday, March 6. If you reserved the pool during this time period, please call the BRiCk, 817-426-9104, on Monday to discuss that rental. The gym and rock wall are available to everyone this weekend.

OMG--Way to go Carter!!!  I'm sure there were some upset kiddos that evening. 
I will be sure to double check his diaper more often in the future.  Thank goodness potty training is right around the corner.  Happy 10th Birthday Mason.  We love you so much.
Gavin showing L&C how to do the rock wall


OMA said...

Nothing like making a statement! This is certainly a birthday Mason will not forget.

Dixie said...

I couldn't beleive how ready for the water they were. Like I said this will be a funny story you will always have about Carter. When he is ten he will think it is funny.