Monday, March 7, 2011

Visiting the Big Apple

Well, sort of.  I didn't really see much of New York, but I did spend 4 days there.  Last week I traveled to New York City (by myself) to help my dear friend Kara with her newborn. Kara had to head back to work and sweet Scarlett isn't quite ready for daycare.  Scarlett and I spend 3 days bonding, playing dress up/photo shoot, singing (she cried every time is sang so I guess she didn't like that to well), walking the dog, and everything else that goes along with caring for a 6 week old baby.  Boy was it nice to have to care for only one child.  Although newborn days are quickly forgotten once they are gone, I will never forget the lack of sleep or the stress I endured during that time with my boys.  I was nice to be the daytime caregiver, that got a full nights sleep, and to have only one to dedicate my time to.  I sometimes feel sad that I didn't have more one on one time with each of my babies. We talk about making special days that we spend with each kiddo alone, but that hasn't really happened yet.  The one day I did take Luke to the store with me all he was concerned about is where Carter was.  Sadly, Carter didn't seem to worry about Luke to much.  Oh how they are so different. 
I loved to be able to visit Kara and help her with Scarlett for a few days.  I did my best to convince her that the best place for her and Scarlett was right here in Texas.  I even told her we could get an RV and hook it up to my house and we could be neighbors.  She still didn't go for it.  She really enjoys NY for some odd reason. 

Cousin Mason turns 10!!

Wow, another nephew is in double digits!!!  Mason is the middle of three boys and it's hard to believe he is now 10.  Where does the time go???  I can really relate to that statement now that I have kids of my own.  It is amazing how fast time flies and how our time here is really so limited.  I'm doing my best to just embrace each moment with my boys and our family.  The next thing I know my guys will be turning 10 and I will be wondering how it all happened.  We have decided to make some changes in our lives so we can slow down a bit and enjoy each day we have to hold and cuddle with our precious angels. 
Mason's birthday party was at the Burleson rec. center at their indoor pool.  I was worried about L&C not wanting to swim since we haven't been around water since last summer.  Once again they proved me wrong.   They went straight in and had a blast the whole time.  Cater was going up the bigger slide (in the kiddie area) all by himself.  Luke stuck to the smaller slide and jumping off the side (which was just a few inches tall).  Their cousins would come by to play with them for a bit, then they were off again to the bigger slides and pools again.  Everyone was having a blast until Carter decided he needed to use #2 in his swim diaper which broke open on the side and released all his hard work right into the pool.  The lifeguards closed the pool down to clean the pooie mess and to add more chemicals to the pools.  We decided it was time to leave, half of embarrassment and half it was just time to go. Later that evening this is what was posted on their Fb page:
City of Burleson, Texas

Due to a sanitation issue with the indoor pool at the BRiCk, the pool will be closed until 1 p.m on Sunday, March 6. If you reserved the pool during this time period, please call the BRiCk, 817-426-9104, on Monday to discuss that rental. The gym and rock wall are available to everyone this weekend.

OMG--Way to go Carter!!!  I'm sure there were some upset kiddos that evening. 
I will be sure to double check his diaper more often in the future.  Thank goodness potty training is right around the corner.  Happy 10th Birthday Mason.  We love you so much.
Gavin showing L&C how to do the rock wall

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Musikgarten is for children newborn to age 7.  It is a fun musical class that consists of play, songs and dance.  I thought it would be good to start getting L&C involved in a class type atmosphere to help them transition to a pre-school.   I stay and participate in the class with them.  I thought that would be a nice way to show them at mommy has to obey the rules as well as Luke and Carter do.  The first few classes didn't go very well.  Carter cried a lot and Luke ran around the room like a wild indian.  I was so embarrassed and almost threw the towel in.  This last we I talked to them everyday about music class and how we are all going to sit like big people and do what the teacher tells us.  We practiced singing the songs and playing the little games.  I couldn't believe the difference in them this week.  Carter walked in and sat all by himself and Luke sat in my lap the whole time.  We sang, played, danced and had fun.  It really felt like a bright moment for me.  To see the progress in them and also to see that consistency does work and they are capable of learning things, it just takes a few tries (*note to mommy :)) 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy & Daddy's Vacay

 Well, we finally did it!!!!  We took a vacation without our duo in tow.  After months of planning and months of emotional preparation we were off to Key West, Fl.  We flew on the largest plane I've ever seen to Miami then on the smallest plane I've ever seen over to Key West.  Key West was a great place to visit with plenty to do and see.  Jeff went deep sea fishing one day (I think that was the highlight of his trip) and caught several shark.  Another night we went on a sunset cruise, which was very beautiful and reminded me of the sunset cruise we went on in Costa Rica for our honeymoon.  I really wanted to rent moped's, but I got out voted, so we settled on a cart to cruise the entire island  to get a glimpse of what it would be like to live there (I'm very thankful we don't!!).  All our other free time was spend drinking daiquiris from Fat Tuesdays (I think I tried just about every combination possible, whee the calories:)), relaxing (which includes a nap everyday), and lots of walking and shopping.  We really enjoyed our time away, but we really missed our babies. 

Luke hoping to come along

Our happy crew
This is what Key West is most know for.

One of Jeff's sharks

While we were gone, Luke and Carter had fun with their Oma.  My mom came to stay with them and she really got a taste of what my life is like (taking care of two is no easy task, not that caring any child is easy).  Mason and Gavin came to stay with them one night and they all went to Peter Piper Pizza one night for Mason's 10th Birthday.  By the time we returned she was definitely tired and ready for a break.  She told me when she left that she wouldn't be back for a very long time.   I guess she has had enough of L&C for a while ;) (really she just doesn't have any more time off for a while). We have plans on going to visit her this summer, so she better rest while she can summer will be here before we know it.   We are so thankful to have such wonderful family that is willing to help with our babies so we can take a break from our busy lives.    Thanks to my mom and everyone who helped while we were gone.
Luke and his special Valentine's breakfast

Their new favorite thing to do.  I guess we will be buying more sand soon.

Painting with a Twist

I haven't ever painted a thing before in my life. 
Not to shabby:)

A few weeks ago I was finally able to join in on one of the Stroller Strides MNO.  The event was at Painting with a Twist in South Arlington.  What a great idea they have here.  Groups (or individuals) are allowed to bring in snacks and drinks (including beer and winel) and all paint the same picture as a group.  There is an instructor demonstrating the steps as we follow along on our own canvas (or at least attempt to).  It is so neat how different each painting is when given the exact same instructions.  It just shows how different each person is and we all see things differently (like I didn't already know that by having twins).  I really enjoyed having a fun night with the girls and look forward to painting again soon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Only in Texas

This morning we woke up to our annual Texas freeze.  If you remember my last post we were outside enjoying the sun in our t-shirts.  Not today, we didn't even go out to play in the snow.  It was so cold and windy and since we don't get a ton of winter weather, we do not have the proper gear for them to be out in 20 degree weather.  We did enjoy it from our windows and talked a lot about ice and snow.   Bummer that my little angels didn't get to make their first snow angels this year.  Maybe next year there will be more snow and less ice.   

Picnic Lunch

Silly little boys!!!
They like to play horse with their dad and now they have started giving each other rides.  Sooo cute!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally some sun!!!


We put the train track together and played for hours

Getting Thomas on the track just perfect

Sleeping angel

Sleeping beauty
We could not resist being outside on a beautiful day like today.  We have so dearly missed seeing the sun and have missed being outside.  Today the only time we were inside was to eat and sleep.  Thank you mother nature for a beautiful day and allowing my duo run out all their built up energy.  It must have worked, cause they didn't make a peep tonight when we put them down.