Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Only in Texas

This morning we woke up to our annual Texas freeze.  If you remember my last post we were outside enjoying the sun in our t-shirts.  Not today, we didn't even go out to play in the snow.  It was so cold and windy and since we don't get a ton of winter weather, we do not have the proper gear for them to be out in 20 degree weather.  We did enjoy it from our windows and talked a lot about ice and snow.   Bummer that my little angels didn't get to make their first snow angels this year.  Maybe next year there will be more snow and less ice.   

Picnic Lunch

Silly little boys!!!
They like to play horse with their dad and now they have started giving each other rides.  Sooo cute!!


Dixie said...

They make such cute little horses! I love hearing their sweet voices.

The Donaho's said...

Too cute. Garrett could use a twin today, so that he had a buddy to play with:) I love your new picture at the top of the blog, too. Their snuggle pillows are awesome...where did you find those?

Janet said...

Way too cute!!! When will we see them (and you) again??